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Happy to share with you all that I joined flagship jumpstart program on last week of March. I started taking suggested supplements and trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. I lost almost 2kgs since then. After waxing, body hair used to be visible within 4-5 days, but this even after 15days body hairs are not visible. Growth on excess chin hairs is also not prominent anymore. My body flexibility has improved and lower back pain also decreased. Still I am trying to work on having regular timely period cycle and to overcome fatigue. Thanks to the whole team and community. It's really impacting my overall health and working on each symptoms. I can feel now. "

Naznin sultana

Hello everyone, It had been a wonderful to be a part of this nurutition programme at PCOS club India. Before joining this club, I had many apprehensions of how bio-individual pattern of diet along with lifestyle modification can change and help me manage PCOS symptoms that I had been dealing for years. I reached out the club because I was at the juncture of my life where I was at my lowest and had no guidance and support and the PCOS community came for my rescue. I stopped going to gym and started doing yoga and meditation which helped me tremendously with managing my symptoms. When I joined two months ago my weight was 60 and now I am 56. Honestly, weight loss wasn't my concern but I feel it has changed my relationship with my body. I now have positive relationship with my body (still working on it), I don't feel tired too often, my anxiety attacks have become less frequent, my brain fog has reduced, I don't often get sugar cravings, I feel more energetic, light, flexible and HAPPY. It's surprising even for me and it feels I have regenerated as a person. I can't even recognise what I was 2 months back(mentally, emotionally and physically). As my subscription is coming to an end, I would like to offer my thanks to @Mehvish khan for helping me through and also to fellow Cysters. I know my PCOS journey doesn't end here but it is just the beginning. I wish to keep working on myself and heal and grow. Sending love and best wishes to all of you and I wish we stay connected and motivate each other to thrive.

Alayka Aftab

Prolcatin levels have improved , feeling less irritated & anxious no junk cravings or bloating. Prolactin levels drastically improved from 26.2 to 5.22

Sakshi Parikh

This process is so hectic and exhausting. But this diet and yoga is helping a lot. I feel fresh during the day. Otherwise I used to feel drowsy and tired full day, low appetite. But compared to what I use to feel and what I feel now after all the changes PCOS Club told me to do is huge. Sometimes you don't recognise the change in you but people do n that's when you start looking at it like oh I have changed, my behaviour, my body etc. Hi, I just felt like sharing this with you. 3mnths ago when I started this program was weighing 57kgs. I couldn't manage to do yoga sessions because of office timings but I tried to follow the diet. And here I am now at 50.55 kgs. Thank you for your support.

Dinky Chaudhari

After almost 2.5 years, my weight finally moved after following this program for almost three months. I lost about 4 KG weight in last 1.5 months, and lost quite a bit in inches. I could fit into my old dresses and pants very comfortably. My body fat percentage has also reduced by 2.7%. BMI went down by almost two points.

Nidhi Arora

Pcos club India have made my eating pattern change knowing what’s good for my body and what’s not. seeing the effort of how to make changes in daily life. This program is overall helping me to become more focused on my health in longer run. The morning yoga timing so yeah I have switched to evening hours. if we can add weights in our session. And if we can add Saturdays too.


Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with pcos n was on pill but it didn't work out for me I realized the side effects. I read a lot about pcos then n came across pcos club India.I joined their jumpstart program and I'm extremely Happy to say that I got my periods straight 3 months in a row .without taking any inositol n other supplements. just by doing lifestyle changes and eating habits. "All thanks to Nidhi and Team of Pcos club India for helping out people like me .making our lives healthier and Happier. Special Thanks to NIDHI without u this would have not been possible .pcos Club India has helped me to improve my period cycle, my cravings, mood swings. I'm much more happier Than before bcz I don't have to carry the baggage of irregular periods Anymore. Guys who have Pcos please do join jumpstart program I'm telling you It will be 100% effective.

Pooja Taluri

After joining their Jumpstart program I know everything about PCOS. Now I know all the things to inculcate in my life that will help me manage my symptoms. Everything was explained easily , I wasn’t overwhelmed

Madhu Purushothaman

Not just one thing there are many things that I got to know🥲 I was really thankful to nidhi who has helped me to know about PCOS among all the best thing I can say is the lifestyle change mainly in food that has made a biggest change in my body and all thanks to mehvish who helped me with each and every doubt every time


I had no idea that there was so much literature present on PCOS . It's so hard to find resources in India. But PCOS Club India is doing it so wonderfully

Mallika Maram

SI was diagnosed in 2019 and was prescribed ocp’s and told to come back when I wanted to get pregnant. I am glad I joined PCOS Club India’s Jumpstart Program . The highlight for me was they shared research based knowledge . I would recommend this to anyone who has PCOS.


"I am feeling light and active. I am enjoying the meals and the plating method as similar to a fancy hotel meal. The flexibility and movement has improved & now I understand why the logo of PCOS Club India is with flowers & all because I am feeling that effect in my abdomen!✨"


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