Join Our Flagship PCOS Jumpstart Program

PCOS Jumpstart Program by PCOS CLUB INDIA curated by Nidhi Singh

This is an online program that will focus on WHOL-ISTIC approach to heal your hormones and help you manage your PCOS better. This program includes:

  • Educative session about PCOS & Understanding your periods
  • Special Indicative "Eating plan" for (includes packing lunches or eating at work guidance)
  • Personal interaction time with our in-House Dietician- & PCOS coach,
  • Essential Lab tests & process to identify your probable triggers for your symptoms
  • How to identify & implement the “the Lifestyle Changes” that are unique for “You”
  • Maintaining Sustainable & mindful Eating Habits , Self-Care practices & Daily Movement
  • Suggested Herbs & Supplements as per "your" PCOS symptoms
  • Access to Private Support group for all participants
  • Regular Live Yoga Sessions with our inhouse PCOS Yoga Expert

Can PCOS be cured?
Medically , there is no cure established as such for
PCOS, but YES YES YES there are ways that can help you manage your PCOS symptoms !

An open mind to learn most holistic ways to understand your body better. Additionally, it will be great if you could run your D3, B12, Lipid profile, Hba1c, TSH profile& tests before the session begins , though its not the pre-requisite, but to ensure you can make the most of this program we recommend the same:)

Total Price

Rs. 5200

3 Interest-Free Payments of 1733.33

All charges are inclusive of applicable taxes


What other
Says About Us

After joining their Jumpstart program I know everything about PCOS. Now I know all the things to inculcate in my life that will help me manage my symptoms. Everything was explained easily , I wasn’t overwhelmed

Madhu Purushothaman

Not just one thing there are many things that I got to know🥲 I was really thankful to nidhi who has helped me to know about PCOS among all the best thing I can say is the lifestyle change mainly in food that has made a biggest change in my body and all thanks to mehvish who helped me with each and every doubt every time


I had no idea that there was so much literature present on PCOS . It's so hard to find resources in India. But PCOS Club India is doing it so wonderfully

Mallika Maram

SI was diagnosed in 2019 and was prescribed ocp’s and told to come back when I wanted to get pregnant. I am glad I joined PCOS Club India’s Jumpstart Program . The highlight for me was they shared research based knowledge . I would recommend this to anyone who has PCOS.


"I am feeling light and active. I am enjoying the meals and the plating method as similar to a fancy hotel meal. The flexibility and movement has improved & now I understand why the logo of PCOS Club India is with flowers & all because I am feeling that effect in my abdomen!✨"