Become PCOS Ambassador with Project Pankh Campaign

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine condition affecting between 8 - 13% of women of reproductive age and 6–18% of adolescent girls. Many teens & adolescent girls may be distressed with how the symptoms impact their life and self-esteem. Having an understanding of this disease, the etiology, current trends in medical treatment, and the important role of good nutrition and exercise could immensely help support the young girls.

Since this chronic condition relates to period health, unfortunately PCOS is seen as a taboo and a Lot of young girls may fear to come out & ask for help! Additionally diagnosing polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) during adolescence is challenging because features of normal pubertal development overlap with adult PCOS diagnostic criteria. Hence, its even more important to promote accurate and timely diagnosis, to optimise consistent care, and to improve health outcomes for adolescents and women with PCOS.

Project Pankh at PCOS CLUB INDIA aims to empower teenage girls & young women who are studying in schools & colleges to spread awareness about this chronic condition, understanding what PCOS means, the importance of early diagnosis, treatment options. Through this campaign we want to reach out to young women across India through FREE virtual awareness sessions with our certified trainers!

If you would like us to hold sessions in your community ( either schools, colleges , Mom communities or NGO’s /mahila seva sanstha) in any part of India ( yes our volunteers are multilingual) , please write to us at and we will schedule a session with you !

If you are a passionate about spreading awareness about PCOS & are willing to spend a few hours per month to Volunteer, Join us as a PCOS Ambassador NOW!

We are looking for dedicated Volunteers who can help us to:

  • Conduct PCOS Awareness Workshops
  • Lead Regional Awareness Campaigns
  • Manage & Moderate Virtual Sessions
  • Organize Campaigns & Manage Schedules

You could be a Certified Health Practitioner, PCOS Educator OR just someone who has great organization & management skills. We could use any help!