Our Values


We understand that the information, recommendations and products we share gravely impact the health and wellness of our users and are committed to ensuring that we test, evaluate and verify the authenticity, usefulness and truthfulness of it. Our community’s wellness will always take priority over a revenue or brand building incentive.


We believe in a two-way ecosystem of knowledge, feedback, learning, community and improvement. Our users must have the avenues to communicate with us and each other in a simple, structured manner so that information and experiences can be shared. Sisterhood is the hallmark of PCOS CLUB INDIA over other women’s health platforms and open communication lines will ensure this sustains, grows and thrives.


We believe that no two women are alike and their individual choices are valid even if we don’t agree with them. Our role is to provide the breadth of choices and not judge the chosen path.


We treat sensitive medical and personal information as confidential and will not share this information with people outside the PCOS CLUB INDIA ecosystem for any reason.


We believe that there is always a better way to do things, be it business processes, communication or service offerings and we are committed to growing the scope and relevance of PCOS CLUB INDIA in the lives of our stakeholders in an incremental and sustainable way