Our Team

Nidhi Singh

Founder & CEO

With Over 10 years of struggling to manage her PCOS and being dependent on Pills and disappointed with the phrase that “lifestyle change is the only solution that can help” but; no where she could find a trusted resources on how these lifestyle changes must be made specifically for South Asian audience! With PCOS and periods being a taboo subject in India , she felt a dire need to normalise the conversation about PCOS. She realised the lived experiences could truly help women and can be powerful tool to find reliable resources and build trusted community

Devyani Dacha

Community Care Executive

I have been through the struggle myself and completely resonate how dealing with PCOS is such a lonely journey. I want to enable women find the right support system, At PCI, I am always looking out for the right holistic PCOS experts for our community & absolutely love ensuring that our members have a smooth experience using our platform

Medical Advisors

Dr Minni Malhotra

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, PCOS Expert

Dr. Malhotra is a firm believer of natural and holistic medicine, using the power of mind, body and soul to help us heal. Dr. Minni has practiced traditional medicine for 12 years in the USA in addition to a previous 10 years in India. Recognizing that healthcare in our country has turned into a disease-care system rather than healthcare management, she has actively trained to help people attain lifelong health and wellness through natural treatment. She helps people reverse chronic illnesses , ( PCOS being her Podcast special ), she practices at Anchor Wellness Centre in Texas USA.

Dr Kanika Gupta


Dr Gupta has completed her Senior residency from the Maulana Azad Medical College and has completed fellowships in infertility from Singapore and worked at the esteemed Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai as a Gynae Oncologist. She has her private practice at Orchid Hospital, Janakpuri & also serves at Max Hospital Saket (New Delhi ) at the Dept. of Minimal Invasive Department (Gynae laparoscopy). She has over 5 years of experience dealing with PCOS patients and is driven towards

Dr Navneeth Selvan

MBBS, MD, Senior Scientist at ICMR

Dr Selvan has over 10 years of research experience specifically in PCOS, he is a Senior Scientist at ICMR [ Indian Council of Medical Research] & been working as Therapy Lead of Medical affairs for Abbott Diabetes Care for over 5 years! Dr Navneeth is on a mission to create a specialized niche for women who are suffering from PCOS without having to undergo the trauma of standard treatment & the brunt of adverse effects. Being a doctor he believes that "focus of treatment should be targeted on the root cause which can be done without the usage of hormonal pills."

Lead PCOS Ambassadors

Dr. Mihika Agarwal


“Having been diagnosed with PCOS at a young age and being a doctor , I was always driven to empower women suffering from this condition mentally and physically. I want to create awareness about PCOS among women of all ages and backgrounds so that they are able to understand and cope with this condition better.”

Mehvish Khan

Clinical Dietician

“ I was touched by PCOS CLUB INDIA’s innovative approach to bring a valuable difference for pcos community. With this association my goal is to raise awareness about PCOS & help women with the condition to overcome the challenges with correct support, resources & professional guidance.”

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