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PCOS ( Polycystic Ovary syndrome), a complex endocrine disorder and is estimated to affect 4% - 22% of women across India and affects upto 26% women across the world.

PCOS CLUB INDIA is the most trusted, holistic and complete platform for PCOS management in India. Our purpose is to empower women to manage their PCOS in the most holistic way. We are the only PCOS-specific platform that gives women the knowledge, products, professionals and community they need to diagnose, treat and manage their condition. Read here to know more about our Mission & Story

This community is founded by Ms. Nidhi Singh (MBA from University of Birmingham UK & now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist) who was affected by PCOS for several years and struggled to find credible resources to manage her PCOS while she was working in a highly demanding corporate job with companies EY & Deloitte. She started this community as she felt a dire need in India to have a platform that is a one stop place for trusted resources required to manage PCOS holistically and specifically for Indian menstruators or of Indian descent! Read more about our Core Team here

We give women the breadth of options they deserve to make informed choices for managing their PCOS. We provide below services that can be accessed through our website: Please note you must register & log in to avail these services:

  • Credible Content & Stories by our Community through PCOS PEDIA section.
  • Dedicated Forums providing a safe space for patients, spouses and families to interact, exchange experiences through Forums Section
  • Carefully Curated list of Medical Practitioners, Holistic Nutritionists & dieticians, Fitness Professionals who approach this condition “holistically”. You can find them &consult them virtually through our platform via our Health Practitioner section
  • Key Self-help Tools to be able to understand your condition better through our Self help tool section.
  • Booking PCOS lab tests at attractive pricing available via diagnostic labs across India through our Lab test section
  • Access to Live masterclasses & workshops with PCOS experts
  • Honestly reviewed products for PCOS that you can buy through PCOS Mart segment (feature coming soon!!)
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We want this community to be interactive & a safe space and at the same time recognise our members specially if they are a PCOS educator through our PCOS Ambassador programs, PCOS Health Expert, a Family to woman affected with PCOS or just someone who is still finding their way to manage their PCOS. We have 6 types of badges. If you ever feel that you fit into a different badge category you can always send an update request here

PCOS Badges

  • PCOS Companion - You have been recently diagnosed with PCOS & you are exploring ways to manage this condition naturally.
  • PCOS Ninja - You have conquered your PCOS & have been able to reverse most of your PCOS symptoms naturally.
  • PCOS Ninja(Blogger) - You have conquered your PCOS & have been able to reverse most of your PCOS symptoms naturally.Also you are a PCOS blogger.
  • PCOS Ambassador- You run a local community/NGO/you are associated with a women wellness related cause
  • PCOS Loved One - Your family member/contact as PCOS

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We understand that stories could be a powerful tool to motivate women while dealing with their PCOS. At PCOS Pedia you can read science backed content from our editors desk and also can access blogs, stories, helpful recipes submitted by our community. Once you register &log in on to our platform, you can also submit your blogs directly with us through Community section

Yes, we have created a PCOS guide that is science backed and is based on the recent international PCOS guidelines that can answer most of the PCOS FAQS. We encourage that you share this guide with your daughter, partners/husband, family while seeking family support for your PCOS management. You can access the PCOS guide here

We understand that the information, recommendations and products we share gravely impact the health and wellness of our users and we are committed to ensuring that we test, evaluate and verify the authenticity, usefulness and truthfulness of it. Our community’s wellness will always take priority over a revenue or brand building incentive.

About Our PCOS Health Practitioners

We provide breadth of options & credible Health practitioner alternatives apart from the mainstream medical protocols. We have stringent guidelines to ensure that our listed health practitioners approach the PCOS treatment holistically and understand their patient case in depth. We have carefully curated health experts who specialise in PCOS Management across categoriessuch as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Holistic Nutritionists/ Dieticians, Plant based Nutritionists,Dermatologists, Gynaecologist, Endocrinologists, Functional Medicine Experts, Fitness Experts.

Most of our Health Experts offer Free trial sessions or Intro call so that you can enquire about their services before you buy their full service.We believe that no two women are alike andthey are free to make their individual choices when it comes to selecting their health expert. Our role is to provide you with the breadth of choices keeping in mind different budgets, requirements and specialists so you could select the most suitable expert for your case. If you are finding trouble finding the best expert you can reach us at hello@pcosclubindia.com or +91-7217-828-733

* Please note free trials/ intro call is not available in case of medical experts like gynaecologist/endocrinologist /dermatologist etc.

Once you have selected your health practitioner by going to their profile > Select the session as listed by the Health Expert >book appointment> answer the questions (my pcos journey, expectations from the call) > select the option “share your menstruation profile with the expert”> Select Pay Now. Refer our Payment FAQs section for any queries related to payment modes. You will receive a confirmation email from us once your payment is successful.

We are delighted to have PCOS experts on our page. Click Here to get started with us! Once you apply, your request will reach to our team for review. Our team will get in touch with you in 24-48 hours for next steps. If you have any queries, feel free to write to us at hello@pcosclubindia.com

Yes, Absolutely! Our platform is equipped well so that you can share all the relevant documents while you are consulting your health practitioner.

About Masterclasses

Through our Interactive and carefully curated Master classes, we provide a safe space for patients to interact with our PCOS experts. Each class is priced differently and some of them are Free of Charge too. You can access the masterclasses here.


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We apologise for this inconvenience . Do reach out to us at hello@pcosclubindia.com

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We understand that the product recommendations we share could gravely impact the health and wellness of our users and we are committed to ensuring that we test, evaluate and verify the authenticity, usefulness and truthfulness of it. Our community’s wellness will always take priority over a revenue or brand building incentive. We consult our medical advisors before promoting any product on our website